social child

Nothing like having an online presence.

Since the Magpie’s birth, she has been online. She certainly gets mentioned here. Her image appeared publicly on flickr for a year or so, but has long since been set to friends-and-family. References to her make appearances on Twitter and Facebook. But it’s not all second degree social presence.

Yes, the Magpie has email addresses. We secured those early on. With the way awesome handles disappear, it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. She has a private blog for family and close friends. She has hit the like button on my Facebook page and approved kid QOTD postings before I submit her sayings to Twitter. She has instructed me to save photos for later. And I have done so – on Pinterest.

And now she has seen Pinterest. And oh-so-very quickly discovered how to repin. Oh, and that I already have a board called The Kid’s Faves to which I was posting things she likes.

It is now more apparent that she likes critters.

And nail polish.

Be very glad she has not yet searched for shoes.

3 responses to “social child

  1. How nice that she is “up” on all that’s new out there and the technology to find it. Hope you can continue to be a vigilant monitor

  2. mine asked for an instagram account. i told her no, because she’s not yet 13. it’s a slippery slope though because i did get her an (illegal) email account. that’s only for 13 year olds too.

  3. trying to have the privacy discussion around here, but it’s turned out to be a weird one to explain… wheee!

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