There are dangers to having a background in health care. I have – and have no qualms about the fact that I have – dealt with every manner of bodily fluid and have handled, examined and reported on them all. You can add to that my history of volunteering in sexual health clinics and the associated reading, writing, teaching and listening. You kind of have to get over any hangups pretty quickly.

I don’t have much of a filter in health related matters.

And, so, it occurs to me on occasion – often long after the fact – that I have had discussions with friends, family, acquaintances or even newly met people that would, by most accepted social conventions, probably be considered out of place. Crass. Embarrassing. If not straight out inappropriate.

from someecards

And yet, nothing has fazed me about the conversations in the least. At the time.

And nothing about that fazes me either.

One response to “filter(less)

  1. It also says a lot about your personal qualities when others feel comfortable talking to you about “anything”.

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