I’m not all that techno-geeky

Just as soon as I like to think I have a vague idea of what’s what in geekery – I mean, at least the gist – something happens that makes me realise I am actually one of those people.

You know, those folks that support services likes to roll their eyes over and imagines patting on the head while they explain the basics of how to slide the bar across the screen to answer the phone call.

But, I’m not so sad and helpless. Really, I’m not. I get asked technical stuff. I know some answers, or least know where to go get them: the interwebs and/or my awesomely technophile friends.

That was until last Friday.

And so, I found another Thing I’ve Learned.

Here’s the deal: my phone has seven screens available for apps. I have been forever disconcerted by the fact that, after shutting my phone off, it restarts on the centre screen. Why? I read left to right. I write left to write. Why does my phone not start on the left-most screen?? I honestly thought it was a glitch. Until I saw a huge ad on the train for a phone. With the home screen set at the centre.


Centre. So you can nicely pan right, or left, and access things in a nice, evenly layout. Now, this can happen from any screen, but the centre is just…central.

The lovely symmetry of it all hit me mid-commute that day and I face palmed [in my head] the entire rest of the day.

Oh, design people. Sometimes it takes a while for the rest of us to adjust to the new framework. Sometimes it takes even longer for some of us to realise the framework shifted in the first place…

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