up for sale

I take lots of photos. I like them. It’s a chance to grab a whole event, a huge emotion or distill a single moment with one shot. One frame to say so much.

For a while now, I’ve turned some of these photos into cards, calendars and the occasional print. Sometimes other people buy them. Mostly I just use them for my own purposes. But tomorrow, I am sharing a table at a craft fair with a few friends.

um… eep.

I have some cards made. I have some gift tags made. I have a couple of prints. Is it enough? Is it too much? Is it the right mix for the crowd? For the season?

Is it too late to make any last-minute changes? [yes. yes, it is.]

I am super curious to see how this goes. Selling photo cards is hardly a unique proposition at a craft fair. But having the right ones available is a different story. And that depends on the buyers at the venue that day. But when selecting my photos, I know what I like. And that’s what I gravitate toward.

Let’s see if it works out.

If it does, I already have a few new crafty gadgets in my sights to help out with prepping for the next craft fair…whenever that may be.

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