Mr. Colbert, I will miss you most of all

In a fit of fiscal reconfiguration – not unlike other fits of reconfiguration that strike each spring [and let’s be clear: we live in the west coast rainforest. It’s practically spring] – we have overhauled our cable package.

Yes, in this day and age, we still have cable. We still have a landline. Hell, we still have a phone with a built-in answering machine. We have a set of pretty damn good headphones from the 70’s [thanks, dad!]. For all that we make the trek into the world of new tech with all sorts of regularity, we also hold onto stuff that still works. And, for now, the notion of cable still works for us.

We are just checking to see if we need as much of it as we thought we did.

We don’t need all the time shift channels. We don’t need all the reality-tv show channels. We [I] even gave up the potential to watch reruns of What Not to Wear and all the House Hunting of HGTV. We didn’t need all the “entertainment” channels…except, Comedy seems to be the only source of The Colbert Report. My nightly television watching consists solely of two shows: The Daily Show and Colbert Report. They are my entertainment and my lone connection with the bigger world after a day at work and an evening of family. Though I have the phone on my daily commutes, my snippets of Twitter reading don’t really qualify as keeping up with anything.

So losing Colbert was almost a deal-breaker.

Almost. We are hoping, in our infinite ignorance, the vast interwebs can come to our aid here. I have tried to view the online offerings in the past, only to be faced with the fact that they “cannot be displayed in my region”.  My region should qualify, damn it. Perhaps things have changed. Perhaps we will, now, just barely over the border from the States, be able to view Mr. Colbert’s Report. Perhaps, we will survive. Whether or not we can view the Report.

Either way, there is no doubt about one thing: the television provider makes it very clear on their website that it is significantly easier to add channels to my bill than it is to remove them.

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