from sea to sky …to sea again

Over the past year or so, the Magpie has begun to receive some more serious crafting gifts. From knitting needles, to friendship bracelet kits, crochet hooks and – most recently – the ever-popular and a-cursed rainbow loom. Making many, many items – or at least starting to – has become a new fascination.

Once upon a time, I too “learned” to crochet. I could make a chain a mile long with the best of them. But, being strongly left-handed in a right-handed world and often having my good eye patched up like a pirate [in an effort to make the weak one stronger…it only sort of helped], I was the creator of many a sad and tragic crochet chain.

Yet, with all this wool and string around me…perhaps things have changed. Perhaps, with age and other skills [I don’t know…piano, typing??] comes an innate awareness of hook and yarn. Perhaps having both eyes open will help.

a craft!!

And there you have it. A multi-stitched…something. Yay me!

Why did I create this, you ask [as well you might]?? Because I could. I had a moment to try it out while the Magpie was flicking little elastic bands making a rainbow loom bracelet. I could. Because I am on vacation but hadn’t yet gone on vacation. I had open space that felt a mile wide. While I’m away from work for a few weeks, this was a moment of space that will be rare over Spring Break. I used it for a few stitches of yarn before returning to the real world of laundry, housework and, in April, the 9-5.

But now, we are on vacation. I have a moment in Denver – the mile high city – with a bit of open space between flights to blog the start of our holiday. We’ve gone from the warm rainforest coast to the snowy, sky-filled [were it not snowing….] altitudes before  we line up for another flight to the other coast. Back to the water and warmer temperatures and the all-consuming busyness of Disney, princesses, roller-coasters and Harry Potter.

It’s easy to fill a vacation, hit the ground running and make the most of it. It, less than intuitively, takes a little more work to create the space  to rest and reap the most.

I say this now – all this talk of rest – as I have been up since 3am and am rethinking my conservative choice of a tall 3rd cup of coffee. Tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep, we are back near the sea where we aim to make the most of the moments. Decidedly less open space, but decidedly more roller-coaster excitement.

A good trade-off. The crochet will be there when I get home.

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