I spend my time with paperclips

Ah, my blog. Quarter Rest. From a brief beat of unscheduled time.

This was today’s brief beat: trying to remember how to pin my grown out bangs back in desparation using only a paperclip.


Because I am bloody MacGyver, people.

When I created this incarnation of the personal blog, I found bits of time to purge the bits floating around in my head. And so do it with some regularity. It didn’t take long to do. Some of it was quirky. Most of it was carthartic. All of it was self indulgent. I enjoyed it. I still do. Even when the posts are farther and farther apart and the postings degenerate to how little I’ve been posting [did I not mention self-indulgent?] I still enjoy it.

Perhaps all my blog posts have been rendered to 140 characters on Twitter. Perhaps I no longer have those “brief beats” of time to post in. Perhaps I now need longer than a brief beat to compose a post.

But I wonder if that matters. I wonder if I care. I find – rightly or wrongly – that it doesn’t and I don’t. I hereby name this site a self-indulgent personal blog that will get updated whenever I damn well get around to it and have something I can’t condense to 140 characters.

Could I have waxed poetic about my seat mates on public transit? Yes. Could I have expounded on my “Like” of that HuffPo article? Sure. But should I post the intricate minutae I’ve spinning myself ’round in this past week? Fun, satisfying stuff that feels like progress to me but I am sure has the few folks who have witnessed it cowering in the pain of watching me deliberate. Self indulgent, yes, but I am not that cruel.

Ah, but the woes of too-long-between-haircuts and too-lazy-too-find-a-real-hairclip? That’s the sweet spot of personal blogging material. And just enough of a brief beat.


Venn diagrams. The Magpie is a fan.

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