Mr Q’s woes

In addition to reiki, I have learned foot reflexology. Unfortunately, offering reflexology on a regular basis doesn’t do my body well and creates serious problems for my arms and wrists. But that doesn’t stop Mr.Q from requesting a foot rub on occasion. Reflexology, it seems, is an easy sell.

So, it came to pass the other night, that Mr.Q reported a sore foot. A big toe and main joint. A bunion-esque ache, if you will. As someone who has been trying to avoid bunion advancements for the last few years, I sympathised.

Okay, I may have said something about misery loving company, but let’s go with “sympathy”.

So, he got a foot rub. For his new found bunion. As we watched a back-episode of Bones, in which the victim’s skeleton and its bunion lead to the realisation that he was a closeted, high-heel wearing, drag queen.

Mr.Q denies any drag queen activity and points to his beard as counter-productive to a successful drag queen side-career [personally, I suspect that may be a niche market]. But he has the legs for it. And, now, the bunion.

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