this is not going to be another one of those “where did the time go?!” posts

Yet, in part, it will be, Because, holy crap, people it’s the middle of freaking October.

And the means summer has passed and, along with it, the lakeside vacation, trips to the fair and the theatre in the park. Then the kid’s school started. Then, my office’s annual conference. You know, the conference that coincides with my anniversary every year so that, every year, we forget to celebrate amidst the chaos. Then, my birthday.

Ah, yes, the birthday.

The one where I turned 40. The cat is 4. The kid is 8. And I am 40.

That leaves Mr.Q at a grand old 41.Older. And forever wiser. And did I mention older?

And, so at 40, my midlife “crisis” has been a mental move toward a lot less angst about the opinions of the rest of the world and more consideration for my personal bigger picture. A bit of a realism with a poorly concealed thumb to the nose at previously held conventions. The problem is, the rest of my body seems to have followed suit. To hell with the repercussions of a few more chips or a beer! And, hey, let’s store those tasty calories in new and wobbly places. Flexibility? It’s now realised in getting dressed in clothes with stretch rather than achieving balance and reach to get dressed without having to sit down. It’s in accepting the bigger font size on the screen while the eyes take their sweet time focussing. It’s about going to bed when I’m tired. Because I get tired and, no, I’m not staying up until 2am on a weeknight. Or even a weekend, thank you very much.

But I’m going to have to let my body in on the news. Part of my new-found head space changes? They may include a return to regular yoga classes.

I appreciate the willingness of my body to adjust as it sees fit to accommodate time and gravity. Meanwhile, I see fit to maintain the ability to put on my boots without falling over.

2 responses to “this is not going to be another one of those “where did the time go?!” posts

  1. I love this post 🙂 I haven’t really dealt with “being 40” at all yet – I kind of had a low-key party, and since then have forgotten all about it. I’m 42 in March next year – maybe I should do SOMETHING about hitting the Douglas Adams perfect age number 🙂

  2. ah, now reaching the Answer of 42 does sound like a very celebratable moment! Definitely worth a little extra acknowledgement that day 🙂 We kept 40 low key around here too. Low key birthdays are a good thing.

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