craftiness and stabbiness – the new best combo

Once upon a time the small child (who is now longer so small…and so I must come up with a new moniker) came upon a needle felting tutorial on You Tube. And she decided that she, too, should create cute little kittens using wool and a sharp instrument.

Anything that didn’t purely involve screen time was okay by me. Yes, I realised that there would be tutorial screen time involved, but also dexterity and crafting. So, half-win?

After some searching around town we ended up at a local yarn shop (yay Baaad Anna’s!) and were soon outfitted with everything we needed to start on a felting adventure. The small child worked her way through her kitten tutorial and I helped out a little along the way with some of the smaller stabbier parts. But, truly, I assisted very little. This was her endeavour and she was all over it. I had plenty of time to make a catnip treat for the cat, a snowman and a flower for my hat. All the while stabbing, stabbing away.

On it went! The one kitten became a huge list of requests from her school friends for more and more critters and out went a unicorn, another kitten, a mouse and more. Still with the stabbing….

It is rather cathartic. All that stabbing. While paper crafting is soothing in its own right – accompanied by a glass of wine, perhaps (and, trust me, needle felting is not a wine appropriate craft) – it just didn’t have quite the same liberating release as all this stabbing.

And, so it was only natural that the voodoo doll came into being.


There she was. All humanoid and stab-ready. And….well… kind of pink and nakedy. And not really all that stab-ready. More naked-mole rat rather than deep south voodoo.

Something had to be done.

voodoo dressed

There. Much better. Some clothing and a little hair. That looked a little more like a proper person. And yet, now it looked even more unfinished somehow. Was this just a half-assed attempt at a voodoo doll? How could I stab what was meant to be a realistic interpretation of a person when there was not face. That would not do at all.

voodoo face

Ah, a proper little person. A true little voodoo doll. Who now, it seems, looks a little too realistic. And cute. I mean, she has a bow in her hair, damn it. And a smile on her face. How am I supposed to stab her now?! What the hell was I thinking? How did I get from naked-mole-rat to unfinished to too cute?

My voodoo doll attempt has failed. I have a strange little woollen figurine instead. And that left me with only one recourse.

Make her some friends.

mouse     gnome


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