razors just aren’t what they used to be

Kind of like how pants sizes are now smaller than they used to be [that’s my story], razors just aren’t as effective as they used to be.

Either that, or my leg hair is its own super-power.

What used to require a few minutes of quick moves with the razor to take care of everything now requires much more effort. Multiple passes from multiple angles are needed to clear a patch on the back of my calf – and don’t even get me started on the ankles. Even after the most careful attendance, there is always one lone hair on the inside of the ankle that has the uncanny – and utterly creepy – ability to avoid all attempts at detection and removal until exposed to direct sunlight. At that point, it unleashes its unnaturally dark, full 3-4 inch glory on my pigmentless Irish skin.

It is simply no longer safe to assume that whatever shaving I did is sufficient.

But it’s not like I took a long break from hair removal and can’t remember how to shave my legs. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years. I’ve got it figured out. It’s not like I no longer have the necessary balance, nor is my vision suddenly that much worse. And yet, the hair. It persists beyond shaving.

So I am left to presume that either a) the razors are poorer or b) my leg hair is more epic.

And I’m seriously considering claiming the super-power. Because why not? Super powers aren’t really something that should be turned away…regardless of whatever strange format they arrive in.

Which then only leaves me to wonder: what super-powers am I shaving away each day??

Besides, there are still a few more months of winter.

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