Unconscious Mutterings

Oh, it’s been a while since I have done one of these weekly challenges. Sometimes it’s just fun to see where the brain and a random word prompt will take you…

Language :: voice
Obvious :: direct
Skull :: bleached
Insidious :: writhe
Struggle :: sudden
Unspeakable :: tabboo
Orchid :: grace
Fish :: flash
Annoyingly :: detractor
Payroll :: ledger

An interesting list of visuals and sensations – even voice was the feel of words being spoken, not the sound. Annoyingly brought the tension of being pulled away from focus. But the bleached skull, sliver flash of a fish, orchid arch, and accounting ledger were pure imagery.

Anything to go on about from there?


But a good way to connect with sight, sound, sensation and self during the Magpie’s a 1/2 hour swim lesson.

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